• Locker Room Bug Sweeps

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    There have been numerous reported incidents where hidden cameras and digital video recorders have been found in school locker rooms!

    Can you ensure the parents of your students that there are no hidden cameras or DVR’s in your lock rooms? The only way you can make such a claim is by having us conduct a physical and electronic bug sweep.

    Some of these hidden cameras have been installed by school personnel, including administrative staff, janitors, and even other students. Unfortunately, these hidden cameras are now sold on the Internet for less than $100 and they are so small that there is no way an untrained person could find these tiny cameras without using specialized electronic equipment.
    The lens of a hidden camera can be as small as the tip of a pencil or even this • dot. Our TSCM technicians are trained to find hidden cameras and recording devices that may be on or off, hardwired or wireless.

    We can conduct a locker room searches for a single school or an entire school district. Please take a moment to call us right now and you can speak with a TSCM technician who can discuss your specific situation and provide you with a cost to conduct a thorough lock room bug sweep.