• GPS Tracker Bug Sweeps

  • nyc gps tracker sweeps

    There’s a good chance you may have a hidden GPS tracker on your vehicle. Does your spouse suspect you’re cheating? Do you suspect an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend may be following you? How about business owners, are you certain that one of your competitors hasn’t placed a GPS tracker on one or all of your fleet vehicles to identify your clients and suppliers?

    We Find Life & Passive Trackers!

    There are three types of GPS tracking, passive, live , and cell phone tracking. Passive trackers are ‘recording’ trackers that are placed on a vehicle for a period of time and must then be removed and plugged into a computer to ‘playback’ the route the vehicle took since it was placed on the vehicle. This type of tracker does NOT emit a radio frequency, rather it just records its movement and is often more difficult to find.

    It only takes SECONDS for some to attached a GPS Tracker on your car. Unless you know exactly what to look for, you will likely never find it. GPS trackers can also be placed inside your vehicle by anyone with access to your car’s interior.

    GPS Trackers Are As Small As A 9 Volt Battery!

    GPS trackers can easily be hidden under a seat, glove box, or deep under the dashboard. Some trackers can also be hardwired to your vehicle’s electrical system eliminating the need to recharge batteries.

    A GPS tracker can also be easily attached to the underside of your vehicle without you ever knowing it! The tracker can be placed in a waterproof magnetic case and can be easily attached to a rear bumper.

    new york car bug sweepsLive GPS trackers transmit a signal every 5-60 seconds, some even transmit much slower such as every 2-5 minutes, even once an hour. Our technicians will
    utilize a spectrum analyzer, a non-linear junction detector, and a video borescope in addition to conducting a comprehensive physical inspection of your vehicle, inside and out.

    Beware Of Your Cellphone Tracking You!

    The cell phone you carry with you 24/7 can also work as a live GPS tracker if the location feature has been activated. Hidden tracking malware can easily have been added to you phone without your knowledge. That’s why it’s important that you always have a password on you cell phone and have your cellphone analyzed.

    Call us now and to speak with a TSCM technician who can answer your questions and provide you with a quote to inspect your vehicle or cell phone.