• Dorm Room Bug Sweeps

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    Is your son or daughter being watched or video recorded while in their dorm room? Hidden cameras are being sold for less than $100 on the Internet with the lens as small as this o circle!

    There have been several news stories where both boys and girls have been covertly video recorded , either during sexual encounters, or just in various stages of undress. These videos are then uploaded to the “dark web” and sexual related underground websites where pedophiles, sexual deviants, and blackmailers will post the video.

    There is no way the average person can detect a hidden camera without special equipment and training. You could actually be starring directly into a covert camera and not even know it’s a video camera. The video can then either be recorded or streamed live onto the Internet cloud.

    Our technicians are trained to physically and electronically inspect dorm rooms, top to bottom, for hidden cameras that can either be on or off, wired or wireless. Once the sweep is completed, we can also teach your student what to look for ensure they don’t become the star of a very embarrassing movie.

    Your child or student’s privacy is crucial and should never be compromised. Stop guessing and call us right now to discuss your situation and receive a price quote.