• Business Bug Sweeps

  • There are many reasons and areas of risk that should concern you as a business owner. Not only should you be concerned about a competitor learning insider secrets about your operation, but you also need to be concerned about employees with ulterior motives, sexual deviants placing cameras in bathrooms, and anyone who may want to cause harm to your brand.

    Corporate Espionage –
    It doesn’t matter how big or small your business may be, you risk being put out of business if valuable information was to be acquired by any one of your competitors.

    business bug sweepsImagine a competitor listening and learning any of the following:

    • Your current projects
    • Future project details
    • Your pricing schedule
    • Your client list
    • Upcoming conferences
    • Executive schedules
    • Company secrets

    If your competitor was to learn any of the items listed above it could drastically affect your business and success. It is not uncommon for a competitor to place a mole in your organization who could easily install an audio or video bugging device to monitor your activities!

    tscm services for businessesConference Rooms – If you’re like most businesses, you have your most frequent and most important meetings in your conference room. Can you guarantee that that there isn’t a hidden microphone, audio recorder, or hidden camera in your conference room. No matter how optimistic you may be, unless you have recently had a professional TSCM debugging sweep, you really can’t make that guarantee. Fortunately, a professional TSCM sweep can determine if such items exist in your conference room. So, before you have your next important meeting, let our technicians sweep your conference room.

    Employees – are often the target of audio and video bugging devices by either their employer or an ill-minded co-worker. The only way you would ever know if this is happening is to have your office or workspace physically and electronically inspected by a trained TSCM technician using very sophisticated and expensive electronic scanning devices.

    Public Restrooms – A quick Google search for “found hidden camera in restroom” will reveal an amazing number of news articles where a hidden video camera was found in the public restroom of a business establishment. You simply can’t risk the negative publicity that will result from someone finding a hidden camera in the restroom of one of your locations. A regularly scheduled sweep of your restrooms can make a big difference and avoid a financially devastating incident.