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    Think about everything you say on the phone throughout the day. Are you sure that no one is listening in or recording all of our calls? It doesn’t matter of you are speaking on a cell phone, landline phone, digital or Voice Over IP (VOIP).

    It is essential that you have us check all of the telephone instruments that you use on a daily basis. Audio bugs can be placed inside your phone or the telephone line could have been compromised anywhere in your home or office. Even if you hardly ever use you home phone, those active telephone lines can be used for monitoring your call or a powering a phone bugging device.

    If you don’t use landline phones in your home, are you sure that the phone lines are actually dead? We can test the phone lines to make sure there is no voltage or resistance on the line which could indicate that an audio bug or microphone might be listening to your room conversations.

    Remember, the cost of electronic spy gear is very inexpensive and it has become very affordable for almost everyone. That means that anyone could become a potential spy.

    There are several types of telephone systems you could be using and we can inspect all of them. The original copper wire system is what we all grew up with and was one of the easiest to tap with listening devices and audio recorders.

    new york telephone bug sweepsMany homes now use phone lines connected through the cable provider. This is a bit more challenging to the average bugger, but certainly not impossible. Specialized electronic equipment can test the phone instruments and lines back to the router.

    Our TSCM technicians have been factory trained in utilizing the TALAN (c), one of the most advanced electronic devices especially designed for testing digital and VOIP (Voice Over IP) lines and telephone equipment. We are able to determine if digital packets of information are being passed along without your knowledge.