• School Bug Sweeps

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    Covert video technology has become so small and inexpensive that a hidden camera can be placed in a school locker room, bathroom or athletic showers for less than $50!

    Can your school administrators assure your students, their parents, and school staff that there are no hidden cameras in your schools? Obviously, you can’t, but we can!


    Our team of experienced TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) technicians are trained to physically and electronically search for hidden video cameras and recording devices. These covert cameras are so small that the lens opining need only be the size of the tip of a pencil!

    The lens of a hidden camera can also be concealed in the head of a modified Philips head screw, an electrical outlet, and many times in a smoke detector or fire alarm warning light. In either case, these miniature cameras can only be found using sophisticated devices and electronic detection equipment.

    We have found that in many case the culprit who commits this type of privacy violation is often either a custodian, a school faculty member, and even a student. Custodians have unlimited access to the entire school and often work alone. They are able to run wires and hide recording device in areas not accessible to students or faculty. They also work at night where they have plenty of time to make sure the hidden cameras and recording devices they use can be properly concealed.

    shutterstock_137058641There was a documented incident where a school official had installed a hidden camera and recording device in a boy’s high school shower. The camera was found behind a tiny opening in a pluming access panel. Law enforcement agencies rarely have the technical equipment and training to search for and identify such hidden cameras and that’s when they call us to come in with our gear.

    Many school districts have us inspect all their bathrooms, locker rooms and showers on a regular basis as due diligence to protect themselves against potential law suits should a device ever be found. By the way, hidden cameras have also been found placed under the teacher’s desk pointing at the crotch and permitting the culprit to acquire “up skirt” shots of unsuspecting female teachers.

    School district administrators have an obligation to ensure that the privacy of students and faculty are protected and by having read this page, you are now aware of a nationwide problem. What are you going to do about it? Call us and we can provide you with recommendations and a free quote.