• Restroom Bug Sweeps

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    Imagine visiting a public restroom and your every move is being captured on video. Well, a simple Google search for “found hidden camera in restroom” (or bathroom) will reveal scores of news articles where people have found a hidden camera and become the victim of a video voyeur.

    It is extremely easy for someone to place a hidden video camera disguised in everyday items such as air fresheners, exit signs, emergency lights, mirrors, soap and paper dispensers. Hidden cameras can also be found under the sinks and counters out of normal view.

    It takes a trained eye and specialized electronic equipment to find hidden video cameras where the lens opening can be smaller than this o!

    Our USAbugsweeps TSCM debugging specialists have specialized training and use unique electronic equipment designed to quickly find covert video cameras that at either on or off, wired or wireless.

    It is very difficult for the average person to find a hidden camera, without proper training and specialized equipment. A quick call to USAbugsweeps.com will allow you to get an immediate price quote and speak with a trained TSCM – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures specialist.