• Condo Bug Sweeps

  • Do you suspect your condo is “bugged” and
    you’re being watched or listened to?

    If you suspect that you are being watched, listened to, or followed…maybe you are!
    nyc condo bug sweeps
    A professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) bug sweep will finally provide you with the peace of mind knowing whether any video or audio bugging devices exist in your condo.

    There have been numerous instances where a building landlord or maintenance staff has been found having placed hidden cameras or audio bugging devices in condos. Most have emergency access keys to all the units in the building and can always come up with an excuse to get into your condo, especially when you are not home. Some will even install a hidden GPS device on your vehicle so they know how far away you are or when you are returning back to your residence.

    Video cameras are most often found in the bedrooms and bathrooms of a condo. It is usually the bugger’s intention to acquire hidden video of the female occupants while undressed or during sexual activity for their own sexual gratification or for uploading to voyeur websites on the Internet.

    Make sure that you are not the star of a hidden video!

    In some instances, these devices may have been installed prior to your moving in. There have also been instances where a previous condo owner may have installed hidden cameras and audio bugs and never removed them. However, building maintenance men have also been known to monitor tenant activity and enter condos to install these devices, especially when the tenants are young attractive women.

    shutterstock_176052677We recommend that all condos have their locks changed and that an alarm system be installed to control access into your condo. In addition, we recommend that you consider purchasing two self contained covert cameras that will video any activity in your condo when you are not in the unit. This will not only provide you with peace of mind, but it will also provide law enforcement with the necessary evidence to prove unauthorized access to your unit when you were at work or away. These self contained video cameras include motion activation, time and date stamp, and infra-red for recording in complete darkness. These devices can be found at www.PIgear.com for approximately $299-$399. This is the same discounted supplier used by private investigators, law enforcement, and savvy consumers.